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The Band Members
Everything you probably want to know about 'the Trucks' ... in their own words too!

"Hi, as the guitarist in The Midnight Pumpkin Trucks, I like to use guitar sounds that are similar to the sounds used on the original records.

For the lighter stuff, mainly use a USA Fender Telecaster, which has a Seymore Duncan Broadcaster pick-up in the lead position. For the heavy songs that need a thicker, more powerful sound I use a Gibson Les Paul standard, which is great for the rock stuff. I also have a Rickenbacker 330, which I mainly use on the beatles numbers. It's a bit limited on what you can use it on - but it looks great and does have a unique sound! I use a Vox AC30 re-issue amp, which does a good all-round job, a Boss GT3 effects pedal, plus a separate Boss OD3 overdrive pedal.

I have a wide range of musical influences, mainly sixties music, such as The Beatles, early Stones and also some American artists like The Band and Elvis. I met James Burton, Elvisí guitarist a couple of months ago, which was great. He also played with another favourite of mine - Ricky Nelson. Our band plays many of the songs I like and Iíve also played in a Dr Feelgood tribute, which I enjoyed."

New frontman. Hes still with us you know. RIP JD

" Paul Jackson the comedian, bassist,Former guitarist Mike penders Searchers/Brian Poole.


Chris the lightman supreme

The Crew
These guys helped the gigs go smoothly. Thanks guys!!

Second drummer, roadie and comedian all rolled into one! Terry is a seasoned musician and played drums with various bands over the years, but as "Johnny Diamond" he is developing a cult following on his road to super stardom.He is getting so popular now he is bringing out his own line of thongs for sale, just for the ladies! RIP Terry March 2017.

Welcome to Matt & Dovey, the new YTS roadies, also here to look after their cousin Billy Mitchell. These two young aspiring humpers (in more ways than one) are crucial to us and are worth their weight in gold ( well beer actually), as us old farts in the band are knackered and worn out. Watch out girls they like a nice cooked breakfast! RIP Matt June 2017

Not to be missed!!!

RICKY AND THE RETROS another great band fronted by Bob. Chris on Drums, Mark Widdowson on piano, Courtny Thomas on double Bass, Leigh Bosworth on guitar ( Rock n Roll ...babies !!! )"

LORDS AND THE NEW CREATURES, another great band fronted by Danny page!

Photographs on this page by Brian Leverington and Haydn Williams
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